Wild Horse Labs Investment Accelerator Now Available!

Maverick Angels introduces Wild Horse Labs


  • Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the global economy
  • High-growth early-stage companies will lead us to economic prosperity
  • Relationships are the key to growing a successful start-up

  • Developed proven educational programs to help entrepreneurs achieve funding success
  • An international network of investors, industry experts, alternative funding sources and service providers
  • Open collaboration along the venture funding continuum

  • A group of successful accredited investors located in Southern California (Westlake Village)
  • In 2012, our members invested in 22 promising start-ups
  • A suite of educational services built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs


Information is power, and that is exactly what the Maverick Angels have created in their Investment Accelerator – a well thought out, concise tool to bring entrepreneurs up to speed about the landscape of [private] funding. The Maverick Angels Investment Accelerator helps balance the power structure between great ideas and the quest for cash. The education will ultimately make great ideas more actionable and bring great angels better deals.”

Kim Walls
CEO, Episencial











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